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Recent Projects

What I've been working on lately.


Remote coffee ordering website, users to create accounts to customize, save, and order drinks while being able to track status of drinks and when they're ready. Guest ordering is also an option.

Macbook with Cafe2Go web app on screen

Wordle Clone (Work in Progress)

Clone of the popular New York Times word game. Users have six tries to guess a random word using the information from the guesses before. Words are randomized out of a list and change upon every visit to the page.

Macbook with Wordle-clone web app on screen

Check out my other projects on my Github


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Hello again, and thank you for visiting my portfolio! My name is Bryden and I'm a software engineer based out of Seattle, Washington. I love being creative, and finding solutions to every day problems with technology or otherwise.

Outside of code, I love learning all sorts of things and trying new hobbies when I can. I am addicted to the feeling I get when I start to see improvements, whether it is as a software engineer or otherwise.


I'm always open to grabbing a coffee (virtually or IRL), and I always love hearing about new ideas and opportunities. Feel free to reach out and let's see how we can work together!